For the consumer to have utmost satisfaction in their purchases, he or she needs to spare sometime to study various options available to them. The best way to do this is through various consumer information sources such as books, magazines like the consumer report, among others. These help the consumers discover various options available to them, while warning them from bad options.

In an age where nearly everyone is buying and selling online, the consumer background checks have also moved online. E-commerce websites like Amazon help their customers make better decisions by publishing reviews about customer experience in a live environment that can be seen by everyone, especially potential buyers. Nevertheless, there are numerous industries that don’t allow for the publishing of customer reviews potentially risking the status of their consumers.

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Essay writing companies vs. student consumers

Students have a tough time buying essays online because they might not be given all the information they need to make informed, better choice decisions. The best way they can navigate a lack of customer information like customer reviews, and expert reviews is to find independent student consumer report sites like for assistance. This will not only point them to the right direction, but also give reliable recommendations to them.

Why we review essay companies

Although there are many custom essay companies, only a small number has been known to deliver on their promises. has been charged with the responsibility of finding out what each company is up to so that students get accurate information they can rely on. In addition to this, appreciates the fact that it takes such a long time to study various options available to you on various websites. This explains the reason why we have placed nearly all the review touch points the student needs to consider when buying essays on one page: reviews, discounts, etc.

How we do it

The most effective way to review an essay writing company is to hear it from the horses’ mouth. We constantly receive comments and ratings about essay writing companies which we act upon to come up with great suggestions the students can rely on. Ideally, we analyze and rate companies to enable students come up with a list of top service providers students can find reliable in their needs. In addition, we also ask experts to investigate various essay companies the end result being a summary that fully describes a company to potential buyers.